Jessica Sampurna

Qigong and Yoga classes in Milton Keynes

Reviews & Testimonials

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Martin - Jun 2021
Lindsay - Jun 2021

Yin Yoga

Amanda - Aug 2020
Ruth - May 2020
Brenda - Apr 2020
Ramin - Mar 2020
Gill - Feb 2020

Jessica’s yoga is brilliant. She is such a great instructor giving clear instructions and giving a sense of well being and calm to all in the studio. She has such passion for yoga it is very much reflected in her teaching. I simply love her yoga she is empowering, kind and tranquil. Would highly recommend.

Annette F. - May 2019

Arm Balance Workshop

I was a little apprehensive attending my first yoga Arm Balance workshop, but needn’t have been, Jessica is an awesome yoga teacher tailoring the postures to individual need, with her guidance and calming approach I even managed my first Crow !! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop the two hours flew by, highly recommend!! Thank You Jessica

Elaine P. - May 2019

Vinyasa Yoga

Nicola R. - May 2021
David - Aug 2020
Ramin - Mar 2020

Your classes have been a saving grace in helping me get back into physical shape after having two babies in the space of two years and have worked wonders on helping my recovery from postnatal depression and helping me accept myself and my limitations. I feel stronger both physically and mentally since coming to your classes. Thank you!

Emma C. - Sept 2019

Jessica’s classes are both inspirational and challenging but all moves are clearly explained and demonstrated. She maintains a pleasant level of humour and is very sympathetic towards the less flexible members of her class such as myself. Some of her demonstrations have to be seen to be believed and doubtless give the younger class members something to aim for.

Alan W. - Jun 2019

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed your classes at the Badminton Centre over the last 4 weeks. You provide clear instruction and push us to do more each week but at the same time, make it a lot fun to do. Thank you.

Jeff P. - May 2019

Every week I look forward to Jessica’s Vinyasa Yoga class. She gives clear instructions, uses humour and positivity to encourage us to challenge ourselves while reminding us to listen to our bodies.

Helen C. - May 2019

Jessica is an excellent yoga teacher! Every session is fun and very supportive. As a novice, I was a little worried before attending my first class that I might not be able to keep up and take part in all of the session. However, Jessica always ensures that classes are inclusive and suitable for all abilities. As someone that has suffered lower back pain for a few years, I can truly say that these sessions have made a noticeable improvement with the pain I feel throughout the day. I’ve also started to feel a lot more flexible both my upper and lower body. I fully recommended attending yoga sessions taught by Jessica. You will not be disappointed!

Jake H. - Mar 2019